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  • Tri Santa Cruz – Race Report

    After my Sprint triathlons in 2011, I did Dip & Dash (swim/run) at Tri Santa Cruz on August 10,2014. It was more to find out how I survive a ocean swim. Race Day Morning:  I wish triathlon races start at 10AM !!! Dreaded the 4AM wake up, especially the fact that the previous day I was [...]

Chia Berry pudding

Ever since I bought that Chia seeds, I have been contemplating on this pudding, which finally happened today. Best part is you can start the process in the morning before going to work (takes 5 mins) and when you return from work, such pretty looking, delicious and healthy pudding is waiting to be eaten as [...]

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Quinoa Salad

After travel, relocation to Bay Area, and job change, I am finally settling in. And I resume my food blogging……be ready to be spammed. Since last summer I have been doing a lot of diet clean up. I did  juicing diet  for sometime and quickly decided that it was not working for me. And I started [...]

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Lake Tahoe training weekend !!

It’s been five months since I moved California and my first and long pending trip to Lake Tahoe finally happened. Or should I say started ?! because for the next few months, we have a trip planned to Tahoe once a month. Unlike my other hiking driven national parks trips, Tahoe visit was for triathlon [...]

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Winter in the valley – Yosemite National Park, CA

Yosemite National Park will never let you down irrespective of the season. Yosemite Valley, approximately 3,000 feet deep and less than a mile wide, is known for its incredible rock formations, created from plutonic rock that cooled far below the earth’s surface. While the hiking opportunities are abundant, a casual drive through will also take your [...]

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How to cruise along the Kerala backwaters

Cruising through the backwaters is one of the most peaceful ways to experience the “Gods Own Country”, the Kerala. Booking the cruise through websites or travel agents is very common, however that doesn’t guarantee the best price. If you are a budget traveler, I have some tips for you. Take the public transportation to Allapey. [...]

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